Unearthed Series Methane Clips

Unearthed: Exploring Oil and Gas Issues in New Mexico is a multimedia initiative designed to educate and engage the public in a productive conversation about climate change and energy production in New Mexico.

Energy production and distribution is contributing to massive amounts of uncontrolled leaking methane and carcinogenic gases.

Unearthed utilizes the power of local voices in film, storytelling, and community collaboration to bridge the gap between ideological extremes, linking climate, economy, and health so that they are more easily understood as non-partisan issues.


Methane data project

Using new field data and extensive research studies, scientists at EDF have estimated oil and gas methane emissions across New Mexico to be at least one million metric tons per year, surpassing all prior estimates for the state.

Key Finders: 

  • Economic Losses 
  • Public Health Risks
  • Environmental Impact 
  • Crafting Solutions

NM Environmental Department

Earth Quality map

The Environment Department’s Air Quality Bureau operates a network of ambient air monitors that continually sample the air across New Mexico, except for Bernalillo County and tribal lands. Click here to go to the NMED Air Monitoring web site, where you can view photos of the sites, learn more about what pollutants we monitor and their potential health effects. You can select data for any of the sites, and customize a report or graph to meet your needs. There are also maps and links to other sources of air monitoring data and information.


Threat map

The Oil & Gas Threat Map shows that oil and gas air pollution isn’t someone else’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem.

Until very recently there were no limits on oil and gas methane pollution. So it’s no surprise that the oil and gas industry is the United States’ largest methane polluter.

The Map was created to make aware the public and decision-makers that this type of air pollution is a ubiquitous health threat that should be addressed with strong government standards. And that eliminating existing methane standards comes at the expense of the health and air that governments are obliged to protect.